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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

OMG, I'm a blogger!

Wow. So, I'm a blogger now. Freaky.

The story: at my SnB tonight, Alana is telling me about these fun "Secret Pals" and "Secret Sock Pals" (I like to think of it as "Socks with Strangers," but I'm crazy like that....) and I thought to myself: I need to get in on that. Then, I followed a link off Alison's website (which shall remain linkless to protect the innocent) and saw that it is important to have a blog so your secret pal knows what you like. Well, I'm all about presents that I actually like, so, here I am, up past my bedtime setting up this blog so I can get in on Secret Pal V.

Whether it'll ever get read by anyone other than my secret pal, who knows.

As I really must be hitting the rack, I'll talk more later....


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