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Monday, April 11, 2005

Post #2

Ok, so I was out of commission for the week. My room-mates (aka: the Evil Landlords) ripped up nearly all the carpet in the house and installed wood flooring. It is flippin' gorgeous! It's a very pretty honey color, and has really made the house seem much bigger. It's also very funny when the dogs wipe out cause they can't get a good grip. Actually, I think that's the best part! Now, if we could only hypnotize Mr. Evil Landlord into a wall color that's darker than white.... In all fairness, Mr. E.L. installed the floors himself, and I must say he is indeed handy.

Now, onto knitting. I FELTED!! SO exciting! I felted a pink and cocoa striped handbag, and it's so cute. Now I just have to get up the gumption to finish the handles. 60" of hot pink i-cord. Just not my idea of a fun time.

I also cast on for the infamous Bouton d'Or "Sartene" tank. The story: I was on fluffa! one day, and ended up surfing french knitting sites. Now, all of my french is the bottom of the barrel left-overs from high-school, plus I've never been "the smart one." So, I order this magazine, and pay the stinking tariffs on it, which effectively doubled the price - grr. (Praise to the USPS because they got it to me in under 14 days, and there wasn't even a zip code!) I'm all excited and get online to buy the yarn. That's when it hit me: french knitting mag, french yarn. DUH. Well, as a poor person, I just can't bring myself to pay $100+ for a tank top. Not happenin.' Lucky for everyone, I found this yummy greek cotton at my LYS, and I'm cruising. About 5" into the back already!

Someday I'll have a digital camera and will be able to post pics. Until then, the Sartene will be practically identical to Bouton d'Or's vision of it. Except for the gorgeous french hoochie modeling it, that is.

Sigh. Thanks for tuning in.


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