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Saturday, April 16, 2005

One Half Sartene

OK. So I finished the back half of my Sartene tank last night while watching "Howard and Kumar Go to White Castle." Some notes:

The tank: The pattern took me some getting used to, it's reads very differently than a U.S. pattern would, but it's dead on, and actually very easy. Butterfly greek cotton is YUMMY. So soft and springy and really quite wool-like. The best cotton ever. The sweater LOOKS a little big, but it measures just a tad small, so I'm kind of freaking out, but trying to have faith.

The movie: coulda been worse, but I really wouldn't waste the money. Wait for it to show up on cable some night when you have insomnia and are bored out of your mind.

I've been knitting every second I can. I think I'm about to develop callouses on my fingers, between throwing the yarn and pushing the needle tip. Yes, you found me out, I'm English. I think Continental sounds very cosmopolitan, but in practice, it just doesn't work for me. Some people have suggested I switch, but you know what I tell them (and every other English knitter) it's still knitting no matter how ya do it. The stitched still get formed and the sweater still gets made. I'm a lot faster know than I used to be, so I'm at a very happy place with the Anglais.

Now I'm off to procrastinate getting ready for work by casting on the front of my Sartene!


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