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Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Projects?!?!?!

Hello! In post #4 of the world's most boring, pictureless, readerless blog, we'll discuss my new projects.

So I spent the weekend between Winslow and Flagstaff AZ. Rode up from Scottsdale to Winslow with my awesome Dad on his Harley Davidson, and though the weather was sparkling and sunny, it was a tad crisp moving 65 mph in the open air. Needless to say, while admiring the stark beauty of the AZ desert, I spent much of the ride thinking of creative things to knit to keep him warm.

As anyone who's been to Winslow knows, there is no yarn store there. But, they do have a stoplight, so that's something right? In Flagstaff, they have a darling little store with lots and lots of yummy yarns, so I HAD to go in, right? Well, was shopping for Dear Old Dad, and this LYS didn't have anything "him." And, by "him," I mean boring. I was looking for plain black sock weight or worsted weight merino, and all of her stuff was too far down the fabulous scale for his tastes. But I do love to support the LYS entrepreneur, so I picked up the latest Interweave Knits.

On the way home, I made my second stop to Jessica Knits. Her store is so cute, with many of the novelty yarns in glass jars like candy! I returned some stuff that wasn't working out for me, and picked up what will become my niece's 1st birthday gift. It's truly brilliant: a baby bolero! It looks like a tiny version of the Debbie Bliss shrug (seen in IK), but with a single button closure. SO CUTE!!! I figure this, a tank top and some capri's and she'll be the stylin'est baby on the streets.

On the FIRST stop at Jessica Knits, I picked up a little wedding present for my hubby-to-be. I can't give it away (he might read this...yeah right.) but it's made on two-circulars and will be in a yummy shade of KPPPM.

So excited!!!!! Gotta go cast on...


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