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Friday, May 06, 2005


This past week straight sucked.

Well, not totally.
-In blog news: I got my very first comments! You all know how exciting that is! I'm sure there will be more when I earn the digital camera at Chuck E. Cheez's (only 10,000,000,000,000,000 tickets to go and I'm there!).
-I also got an excellent grade on the final-exam-slash-big-nasty-group-project for my business class. And to think I only had to work on it until 3 am Sunday night.
-My skin is looking very nice lately, thank you Phisoderm. Not that I have bad skin, but I'm sure you can relate to the evil Zit and his sisters Anguish and Embarrassment. (You've suspected all along that Zits were male, haven't you. Well, they are.)
-Plus, God loves us! If that doesn't make you smile, what will?

The sucky part? Working on that stupid business project. I foolishly volunteered to collate the work of 4 people into one "coherent" paper. So, it was all inherently last minute stuff. Then, my sleep schedule was all jacked up. It's not staying up late that bothers me, I'm a night-owl, it's being productive the next day that really kicks my ass.

The really sucky part: being too tired to knit! How sad is that! Oui, vraiment pathetique. I barely had the energy to finish a sleeve of the baby bolero. On the other hand, I think 3 of the 5 rows I worked in this week were on the Sartene. (For the record: We are not officially back together, we're just talking.) And when I think of that evil project I decided to take on for the man I love and cherish, it really pisses me off at myself. You know, the project done on two circulars.... What was I thinking? If there's anyone out there who loves to knit this particular project, and would like to take this on, please advise soonest. I pay generously. (and by pay, I mean in McDonald's gift certificates....)

Knitting question: does anyone have experience with wonky stitches? The kind that look twisted, but they aren't? What's the story, huh? What's going on with that? I've got plenty of them on the Sartene, and I'm praying they'll work out with a good viscous blocking and a washing.

An update before I sign off, my man DID visit us early this week! I can't guarantee he'll ever click on QTPurl2T again, but he has been here! So that's fun. I'm still working on his screen name, be ready. Any input? I'll take ideas!


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