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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Still alive. Actually thriving here in Japan. I'm getting to know my way around our little suburb, and we have an official home, meaning we put curtains up.

The More-Sweaters-For-Less-Yarn plan has reached a new development. Let's just say the filet-o-fish and large fries plan isn't working out. The Lt and I have decided to do Body-for-LIFE starting 1 Feb. 12 weeks of fun. But, at the end I'll be hot and bikini ready.

The knitting is going. STILL working on the Dale gift. STILL working on the Eris cardigan. I'll lose some knitting steam, and then attack it again.

Get this: I have a CRAFT CLOSET!!! That's right, my very own yarn storage room. I'll put pics up someday. The only bad part, is that now the entire stash is on display any time the Lt gets curious as to how much wool is in the house. Hm... Must think of some type of yarn disguising devise.

Barley is doing SO well! We have started letting him off his leash at the park, so he can sniff and sniff and sniff. Right now my fave command is "wait." That means he stops what he's doing and sits and waits for the "OK" release. We're currently working on getting him to do it off leash and at a distance from us.

How sad that I just wrote twice as much about the dog as the knitting. I swear this will stay a knitting blog!

Just sent something to my secret pal, and am so excited to see that mine has something on the way to me!!!!!!! This is so fun! Let me just say that customs forms are interesting when you are trying to obscure your identity. I hope they don't think I'm some kind of yarn-criminal!

Gotta go now.


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