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Monday, February 06, 2006

In America You Might...

Hey Y'alls. I'm finally online at my very own townhouse with my very own computer in my very own spare bedroom/office/seasonal clothes storage/linen repository.

First things first: the Dale gift is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm wrapping it and sending it on it's long long journey today. It's too adorable, and now that it's done I'm inspired to give a more complicated Dale pattern a shot. We'll see.* I'll put up an official FO posting with pics and details when it's been received.

*There's a dilema here, as I've banned all gift knitting for 2006. 2006 is All About Ashley. As selfish as that sounds, in my 5 years of knitting I've worked myself up a whopping
-sock (just one, and TOO small, at that...)
-tank top.
Oh yeah, and a felted purse, but that's IT. Oh, and a camera case, but that's so small and was done with leftovers so, does it really even count? So, I don't think it's a terrible thing. But would knitting up a Dale pattern with advanced colorwork and steeks really be a gift when I really just want to see if I can pull it off while maintaining even the tiniest bit of a grip on reality?

Also, I've joined up in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics. While there are some Captain Insane-O's out there knitting norwegian things with steeks and herrings and fjords, I have decided on a different challenge for myself: my first complete pair of socks. At my current knitting rate, it will be just that: a challenge. The Lt is quite proud that I've "decided to take my knitting to the competitive level."

Now, I've got to tell you about Japan. First, if you ever get the chance to go to Japan, you HAVE to. I realize it's a helluva splurge for the vast majority of us, but it's so awesome. You will laugh at everything you see. In a good natured and very culture-appreciative way of course. Here's some examples for you:

In America you might buy a Coke or Dr. Pepper at a drink machine. In Japan, you can find those, but you're more likely to find an assortment of green teas and coffees. The coffees are actually quite tasty. The green teas, not so much. In America, you might find this vending machine at the 7-11, in the mall, or at the post office. In Japan you find them literally on every street corner, with 2 in between. In America, you would never pull your car to the curb, thereby blocking traffic, while you take care of your caffeine jones. In Japan, this is de rigeur. (More on Japanese driving at a later date...)

In America, your van might be taller than you are. In Japan, that's just a silly American version.

In America, you might drive an EX. In Japan, you'll be behind the wheel of an Exciting Version.

In America, God help you if you drive a Daihatsu. In Japan, you can pimp it in a Daihatsu Naked. (BTW, those two characters at the top of the plate say Oki Nawa, and the yellow plate means it's a 3-cylinder.)

In America, it's highly frowned upon to drive your ATV to work. In Japan, whatever man.

In America, when out for a sushi dinner, you might have a tough time deciding between the rainbow roll and another tekka maki. In Japan, you have a whole other option: the Salted Sea Squirt.

Notice also the guppies over tofu in the the lower left corner. This is the most family-friendly pic I could give you. This same menu also included broiled pig toes and horse meat sashimi. Eeewww with a shivvvvvvver.

In America, Spam is sold everywhere, but no one knows who buys it. (Except in Hawaii, where it's everyone!) Here in Japan, Spam is a special special meat-type item, and can be found in very fancily wrapped gift boxes. (But then, so can Tide and Mr. Clean.) Just like in the States, they love flavored Spam.

I SO wish I had a pic of the Christmas Spam. But, the Japanese are EXTREMELY polite, and the Christmas Spam was on very prominent display in the middle of the store, and I was afraid they would think me a big-rude-uncouth-amazon-slash-honky if I was laughing and taking pics of their gift spam. So, I lurked in the spam aisle like a spam-criminal and took my little spam-porn photos.

And now, just because I ADORE this picture, here's one of me and my Lt.


  • At 5:27 PM PST, Blogger Heather said…

    Sounds like a very odd place. Such a cute picture of you and the Lt. We miss you!

  • At 6:59 PM PST, Blogger illanna said…

    You crack me up! I love the "exciting version." My car is just a "regular version." I got the package!!! Yay!!! It's so awesome. The bag is the PERFECT size for the stuff I haul around, and the little pencil case is already filled with dpns. I love the little notes you put in the books- I'm totally going to make the hat with the sari yarn. I am also really enjoying the beading book. It's so cool how simple they make it with the diagrams. Everything is lovely, and I'm super excited about it all. The blouse is super cute- just my style! Thank you thank you THANK YOU for taking the time to pick out the gifts and sending them. You are super awesome! Let me know if you need anything from the states. I'd be happy to send you yarn or whatever you need.

  • At 9:26 PM PST, Blogger Pam said…

    I don't know, I think the kistch nature of Spam is universal...even if they do actually eat it there.

    Keep the culture coming!

  • At 5:43 AM PST, Blogger Sarah said…

    What a great photo! About time we see the two of you together.

    Love the car photos. And sushi...ick, not a favorite of mine either.

    Always willing to send you yarn!!!

  • At 9:04 AM PST, Anonymous eva said…

    Oh, I would so love to visit Japan. Another thing on the list of "to dos"...

    I love your commentary - keep it up!

  • At 12:59 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    a small package is in the mail to you. I totally support you knitting for yourself in 06.

  • At 1:00 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oops - that last one was me.



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