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Monday, April 24, 2006


Since I last posted, lots of stuff has happened. Granted, I haven't published any yarn magazines, or had any babies or anything quite so cool. I did go to the aquarium! (More on that later)

The Lt went on 3 short business trips within the space of 5 weeks. So, Barley and I were on our own. Now, Barley likes the Lt, but he's a die-hard mammoni, so he was luvvin' it. Me, I missed me my man. I'll put up pics later of the loot the Lt scored for me.

While the Lt was out, Barley started acting weird. I thought, "awwww, he misses his daddy." No. He had a mild bladder infection. Let me tell you, do not research canine bladder infections, and then take your dog to the vet. Cause, you don't wanna know. Let's just say I'm SO glad we've taught him to pee on demand. Catheterization is even less fun for them than for us. One round of antibiotics and (even) more frequent pee breaks, and all is well.

I started volunteering at the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. The NMCRS helps Sailors, Marines & their dependents when they hit hard times. Ooof, car broken down and no $$$, come see us, we might be able to help. Oh no, death in the far-off family and no plane tix, come see us. Your wife needs tuition assistance, come see us. In short, they do good things. Plus, they do a layette program, so I get to knit for them, too. What's that? Why yes, they DO take donations!

The biggest news, I had a job interview today. Thing is, I don't know if I want the job. I'd be teaching english in a local elementary school. The pros: it's only 20 hours a week, it's casual attire, I get to learn a lot of Japanese, and I get all the Japanese holidays off. The cons: I've never taught and the idea of it doesn't really sound that fun. It sounds harrowing. But, that being the only con, does it really count? I'd still have time for the Lt, Barley, knitting, sight-seeing, running, and the weekly pilgrimage to Starbucks. If I do it for 3 years, I'll make exactly the amount that the Lt and I dream of saving up while we're here. I'll get all the holidays off...but then again so will every other person in the country. When it comes down to it, though, I don't want to teach. Then again, I don't have any burning interest in executive administration or banking (open jobs on-base.)

I know, whine whine whine. It's a blessed problem to have, truly. I get to decide what I want to do. Hm. Now I just have to actually DECIDE!!!


  • At 5:54 PM PDT, Blogger Sarah said…

    Was that a hint about donations???? ;)

    Good luck with the job decisions.

    I have a former boyfriend, who has lived in Japan teaching English for 11 years. Prior to moving to Japan to teach English, he worked in Human Resources at Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

    If he can make the transition, I know you can too!

    Best of luck.

  • At 8:19 PM PDT, Anonymous msbelle said…

    Is there a minimum commitment you have to make to the school? You might try it and re-evaluate at the semester (or whatever the break is).

    It is good that you have choices, and a part-time job sounds perfect. PLUS! you'll get the money saved.

    Good luck in the decision making.

  • At 7:47 PM PDT, Blogger Mel said…

    For what it's worth, I think you'd be a great teacher. It all depends on how patient you can be with little kids, because they don't always have the greatest attention span. But the pros sound like they may be worth a try. Glad Lt made it back from his trips safely (and brought back goodies).


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