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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Not So Secret Pal 7

Well, not so secret anymore, right?

My awesome Secret Pal was Rebecca. Blogger is being evil and not letting me put up photos right now, but I got another gift package last week! Two (count em, 1, 2!) bars of chocolate (mmmmmmmmm Cadbury) and the latest Knit It! and Knitter's. After reading these...must...felt...now. Not only that, but in her reveal e-mail, she says there's ANOTHER package on the way. YES!

Rebecca, thanks for sending me mass quantities of yum-o chocolate, great yarns and magazines to stoke the on-line yarn shopping fires.

My Secret Pal was Annie. She was so fun to shop for, and is the recipient of (among other things) some things I personally am dying to own, and she conveniently wanted! Namely, Amyville sushi stitchmarkers (too cute) and a super secret on-its-way gift via Alison.

Ah, the joys of knitting pals who make great stuff, and shopping vicariously in the name of others! SO EXCITED for SP 8!!


  • At 2:31 AM PST, Blogger knitannie said…

    Hi! Wow this is so exciting! Thanks again for all of my lovely gifts. FYI, in the blogger world I call myself Annie. Just a quirk I have. I'm not doing secret pal 8 because we are moving hemisphere's (back to Australia) in June. So the next few months are all about culling cr*p and packing.
    Hey, do you knit socks?


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