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Thursday, July 20, 2006

I got a present, I got a present

OK, you must sing the title in your most annoying "I got something' you don't got" voice left over from your 5th birthday. I know it's in there, draw it out.

Of course, if you're in SP8, you get presents too, but THIS one is mine, and it pretty much ROCKS. That's right, feast your eyes on this:

My SP8 (Hi! Wave! Cheesy Grin!) sent me a too cute hand stenciled tank top, some yum cherry scented bath salts & petals, jelly pens, stitch markers, a bath scrubby glove, scented lotion, and 4 skeins of juicy orange cotton-ease. I've been contemplating going jogging one of these mornings, a new tank may just send me out the door. Then, I can come back and take a nice cool bath, jump out smelling like a red lifesaver, smooth on some clean scented lotion and work on a new project with my new yarn...maybe Tempting II? Or the MAGKnits Ballet tank? Must swatch.

I've got some knitting to show you, too. Proof of lace. The IK Trellis scarf, semi-pinned out. I'm using the suggested KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in "Iris."

It's pinned out about 1/2 inch short of the pattern's suggested blocking width, but it still seems a little squinched up to me. Should I pull it out even more when I actually block it? I'm really terrified that the teeny tiny wisp of alpaca "yarn" will snap, and that would call for more cheesecake than my jeans can afford.

Also view my foray into sewing. I found this fabric at the Shalimar House of 66 Cents. That's really what it's called. It's the Okinawa version of JoAnn's, but fabric stuff only. I couldn't resist it, I had to have it, so I bought some. I present to you my DPN roll.

I taught myself a lot on this project about the importance of making sure the pattern is right side up (note the little bird flying upside down), being able to sew a straight line, having at least an idea of a pattern/plan of attack, and measuring what you want to put inside the pockets. That handy flap that keeps the needles from falling out, well, it also forces me to fold over the needle case. I like the needle cases, and intend to keep them in their cases in the roll. Cause I'm quirky like that. In any case, I love it, and will keep it forever. Or at least until I figure out how to do it better!

What a great crafty week. I'm off to play with my new yarn.


  • At 6:06 AM PDT, Blogger Sarah said…

    Love the needle roll and hope you have lots of fun with the new gifts.

    I have been eyeing the MagKnits Ballet top too!

  • At 1:45 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am so glad you got it and that you like it! Like I said it wasn't that much but I hoped that you would like it. Promise to make the next package more exciting!


  • At 4:39 AM PDT, Blogger knitannie said…

    YOur secret pal rocks. You deserve a good one because you were such a great SP for me. I love your needle roll and the fabric is amazing. You've inspired me. There are so many fabric stores here in Singapore and I have a sewing machine in Perth. Yay, new project!


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