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Monday, May 29, 2006

To Knit, Perchance to Dream.

Ah, the knitter's block. I've hit it hard. I pick up the needles and an hour later, I've powered through a row and a half. I'm reading knitting books and patterns, I'm surfing knitting blogs, I'm even buying lots of yarn. I'm doing everything but actually knitting. This happens to me at least once a year, I think I've just got to slog through it. Any tips?

Perhaps I could work up a good case of startitis. Here's some fuel for the startitis cooties:

Just when I was considering hating the french, for postal reasons not politics, my yarn arrived. The yarn I had ordered in February. That's right. I even wrote the Phildar people a really sad e-mail in really horrible french asking "ou est ma laine?" Ya know, where's the wool, frenchie? They were really nice about the whole thing, and assured me that as it hadn't been returned to them, it must still be en route. The yarn is soft yet crisp and will be perfect for summer. Even if it's next summer, post knit-slump, and I'm the only person outside the mid-west still wearing a shrug.

I've also recently enhanced the stash with some stuff for a gift, some cotton denim yarn, for my very own Absorba the Mason-Dixon bathrug, of course the Mason Dixon book, and soon to arrive via amazon, an Elizabeth Zimmerman. I think knitting sans crying, but I don't remember.

The latest thang: Oma's chocolate cake.
Made this for a bbq, and it was a HUGE hit. Well, with 2 sticks of butter, how could it NOT be??? It will not only win you friends and get you promoted, it will land right smack dab on your ass, and some will fall to your thighs. In a feat of gravity-defiance, some will also climb up and settle in on your belly. Do not look forward to any landing on your boobs or under those teeny wrinkles to smooth them. That is, unless you have the metabolism of a greek god, and the ass to prove it:

*Why yes, that is a bowl of guacamole and a dish of pizza dip behind the cake. Yes, I made them both. What? Those land on my ass too? Rat bastards. In my defense, the pizza dip has tomato sauce which is chock full of all sorts of stuff that's good for me right?? Oh, and the guac, I make KILLER guac. It would be flat out RUDE of me to deprive people of my awesome guac. Everyone loves it, just ask Caelinn:


  • At 6:15 AM PDT, Blogger Sarah said…

    Love the shrug pattern & yarn color.

    I think we all fall into a knitting slump from time to time.

    Love the cake, guac and pizza dip. Why is it that all the good stuff goes to our bums????

  • At 7:45 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey!! I posted pictures of my hot pink marble and FO/UFO on the Mason Dixon KAL blog for you to see.

    Love your blog!

  • At 1:13 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry to hear about your knitting slump I get those too though! So your not a lone!



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