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Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Letter

Dear Old Japanese Guy in the Bright Orange Speedo on the Seawall:

I beg you: Put it ALL away.

Seriously? You are at least 60 years old. And somewhere around 7 months along in your pregnancy. Not that I'm perfect, but I do not flaunt my luciousness in a teeny bikini for all of the Asian Pacific to see.

Also, should you deem it acceptable to leave the house in this get-up again, DO NOT under any circumstances climb up onto the 3 foot high seawall and pick your booty. As you are, ahem, petit in stature, it's right in my eye-line. Thanks for searing my corneas.


The White Woman in the Baseball Cap Jogging by at a MOST Inauspicious Moment


  • At 11:19 PM PDT, Blogger knitannie said…

    That is just so wrong. Ew.

  • At 8:23 AM PDT, Blogger Mel said…

    I'm sorry but it was fate. You had to see it... Otherwise you would not have been able to share it with us and give us the best laugh of the day! That being said, I hope your Corneas heal quickly ;-)

  • At 9:55 PM PDT, Anonymous msbelle said…

    EWWW! Unnecessary. Bad nasty old man.

  • At 12:08 PM PDT, Blogger Creative Genius? said…

    Oh that's so good!!! Thank you for not posting a video/picture of the blessed event!


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