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Monday, November 06, 2006


I know it's been a million years since I've posted, and yet, somehow my rockin' awesome SP9 has managed to get a package on it's way! I'm waiting and doing everything but bite my nails to keep from nagging the Lt about the mail. I think I've developed a slight twitch.

As I said, there has been much knitting on the Orangina. Evil little slag that she is. I take the liberty to call her horrible names because, fellow knitters, SHE DOESN'T EFFING FIT. That's right. Too small. There is much boobage poking thru the lace. There is much blubbage distorting the ribbed bottom. There is no way in hell this will ever be a flattering top on me. The neckline is awful on me, and the sleeve non-shaping makes my arms look like, like, well, it isn't pretty. I refuse to cry. I refuse to frog. I shall marinate the blasted thing in solitary confinement until we move, and then I'll take it out, curse at it like a drunken Marine, and put it back into confinement. I'll revisit the issue in 2017 when we retire. As for now, I shall eat cheesecake and blur the memory that I ever knit a stitch of...of...of what? See, it works! Here's a mugshot of the offender:

We shall speak of this no more.

Knitting is not the only thing that has gone to the wayside since I've gone back to work. Here is a plant that hasn't been re-potted. He languishes in his craptastic plastic nursery pot.

Here is a pumpkin that hasn't been carved. I'm thinking of tracing my hand on it and calling it a turkey.

I told you about the bentos and how freaking cute they are, right? Here's a little bit just to show you. Keep in mind, I'm a super-new-novice, and this is truly the tip of the iceberg.

Here we have yumm-o pear cut out into sakura blossoms and cottage cheese, with a little avocado to stir in. MMMMM. How cute is the little heart foil!!!

This is a two-level bento, the cottage cheese gets a lid and goes on bottom, then the pear stacks on top, and it all snaps together with the cutest lid you've ever seen. It's so sweet it makes my teeth hurt, and I think you'll agree!


  • At 7:51 AM PST, Blogger lorinda said…

    Can't wait to see your package!

  • At 9:39 AM PST, Blogger Brena said…

    What a cute cute bento box. I love the foil heart and the blossoms. You did a great job. I've never thought about avocado and cottage cheese together. I'll have to give it a try!

  • At 12:54 PM PST, Anonymous Your SP9 said…

    Ok, it's a darn near miracle if I even GET a lunch packed, dinner cooked, or take out menu uncrumpled, and you're cutting BLOSSOMS out of pears? Off to wallow...and pick a can of spaghetti-os for dinner.


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