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Thursday, November 23, 2006

I'm stopping in the middle of a row to post this.

Addi "turbos" in size 0 SUCK. Flat out. SUCK. Majorly. In a big big way. Accept it. I have 2 matching 12" size 0's and they are both horrendous. I hate them both with a ferocity with which no knitting implement has ever been hated before. Except maybe intarsia-bobbins, but anyway...

Let me count the ways:
1. Crappy Join
2. Crappy Join
3. Crappy Join
4. TOO SHORT...jeez addi people, don't bend the damn things so close to the tip. Perhaps a large portion of the knitiverse has very small hands and only need 2 inches (I measured) of needle to grip before it bends off into oblivion. I am not in that portion.
5. Crappy Join. I need a damn bridge to get the damn yarn over the damn join. The gap is monstrous and the teeny tiny evil little yarn keeps falling in and getting lost.

I fling them from a cliff.

But only in my imagination as between the two I have 23.00 worth of evil hateful arthritis-inducing german metal in my hand. How is it possible that one cost 2.00 more than the other when I got them at the same place at the same time? Further proof of their evilness.

I wave my paw at them and say "Bah."

Tomorrow: a happy post.


  • At 7:02 AM PST, Blogger Sarah said…

    I agree, no one actually test drove those needles for the PITA knitting that would ensue!


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