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My adventures - in knitting, marriage, and moving across hemispheres.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Alice and the Looking Glass

Where we learn Ashley is listening to Tom Petty, and as a child of the MTV generation (when there was only one MTV and they actually played music videos) she cannot listen to Don't Come Around Here No More without seeing the creepy Alice in Wonderland themed video in her mind's eye... Why did Alice turn into a cake and why did they eat her? Perhaps the Petty was making a transcendental existential Freudian statement on the nature of our reality...or maybe it was the weed.

Are you an MTV child? Do you think of Kim Basinger when you hear Mary Jane's Last Dance? Does Lucky Star mean black lace and ankle booties? When you think about girls just wanting to have fun, do you want to dance in the streets with acidic dyed hair and shimmery blue eye-shadow? Hm. Maybe it's just me. I still can't watch American Idol without looking for the cartoon cat to pop out over Paula Abdul's shoulder. He's C-c-cold as ice.

There has been knitting. In fact here's a picture that is truly worth a thousand words. Most of them muttered under my breath and unsuitable for delicate sensibilities.

Notice the yarn riding off into the sunset in the upper left. That's because I'm at the end of the row. Now, your attention is ivited to the cable needle with the 3 little stitches patiently waiting to be "k fm cn?" W. T. F.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pics of Japanese Goodies

Ok. So, I'm not so hot at this whole "juggling of life" thing, and I'm letting some proverbial balls drop. (hehe, I said 'balls')

One of those ball (hehe) being the blog. SP9, please love me anyway. I know I don't make your job easy.

Today, in lieu (which I initally typed LEW) of actual knitting content, I bring you Pics of Japanese Goodies.

Here we have some super cute socks that I didn't have to knit! I am a great lover of soft cosy comfy socks, usually the men's white athletic kind, but that's neither here nor there.

These work well cause I can go year round without having to wear real shoes. SWEET.

Here we have a super kawaii bento box. This one was intended for the Lt, but he no likey the idea of super kawaii lunches at work. The other Marines would laugh. So, I'm in search of a super butch (yet still kind of kawaii) bento box.

The wise (and well mannered) giraffe says: "It's time for lunch, please sit down there. Good nutrition and moderate exercise and good sleep are important for creatures living." Sage, no?

I bring you pics of a truly Japanese restaurant. (The restaurant, not the kitchen, more on that later.)

But, Ashley-san, where are the chairs? Um, notice the table height. And, ladies, "indian style" seating is considered unladylike. Ladies sit on their knees. There's a Japanese word for the posture, I don't know it, but I think it translates roughly as "oh. shit. this. hurts. gasp."

Now, that very Japanese restaurant is up on a mountaintop with an amazing view, beautiful landscape, very polite waitstaff and a prix-fix menu. They serve the islands tastiest pizza. Here's a pic:

But, Ashley-san, is that a corn and pepperoni pizza? Yes and No. Yes: corn. No: pepperoni. More like a spicy wiener. (Hehe. Like you didn't chuckle too!) It's a lot like pepperoni, but not quite as cured. Corn is a very common pizza topping in Japan. But, then, so is squid, so, you know, take it for what it's worth. It was SO good, though!! I was skeptical too:

But, look how I changed my mind:

Finally, here's a pic of my Japanese cat, just because she's beautiful.

What? Just cause she's white, you doubt her Japanesity? That's messed up. (So's ya know: Barley is an Ameri-CAN, having been born on Kadena Air Base...Bijou's the one with the green card.)

Bye, y'all.