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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No pics...again!

Sorry folks, the Lt has the camera and he's on a business trip. Hopefully, he'll come back with some wooly goodness, but if not, I'll still let him back in the house!

Remember the green un-cabled cables? Well they got cabled. And cabled and cabled and cabled. A honeycomb was combed. There were many seed stitches sown. There were short rows, and ends woven, and the just right buttons (well, right enough, anyway) were found. I'll show you a little bit and tell you more when the camera returns. For now, the lack of camera will force me to shampoo the scratchy wool and block it into a proper fabric.

I've also picked up on the Juicy Tank again. It's getting very close to DONE. This time, I'm working out the above-the-waist increases on the back and considering neck shaping. I'm thinking it'll end up being a double-v. You know, just to keep it sassy.

So far, the resos are coming along just fine. I'm knitting between 2 and 3 hours a day, thanks to yarn-erific lunch hours. The car is trash-free (for a week)! Two stained sweaters have been booted from the closet, one replacement ordered, the other will be chosen this w/e. Grooming: check; hair appt scheduled for the 16th. I went to yoga last Saturday and am going tonight: Chaturanga, get ready to be my bitch.


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