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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fine. I'll knit.

Ok, so I finally picked back up with the freaking tank-top-that-never-progresses, and even finished the pieces of the baby bolero. I even blocked them last night!

But, the Sartene is no more cooperative now than ever, and I stomped back to the frog pond again. I kept telling myself, "I need to compare this to the back." You know, to make sure everything matched up. Well, that was just too much effort, and when I finally got around to it, I found that my increases on the back were a full inch lower than the ones on the front. So, rip rip rip. It's also getting very not fun to knit the thing because I'm making it to wear while in New Orleans for my wedding, and thinking about the wedding: not fun right now.

Wedding planning/moving 'cross country news: back to the "Oh, God, I think I'm gonna throw up" phase. Have decided to work up until I leave. That way, I'll get paid up until I leave. I think I'm the only person out there who can go thru $$ quite as efficiently as I do. And by efficiently, I mean as fast as possible.

I'm not exactly sure when the DJ's final payment is due. If I don't make my reso's today for the hotel, I won't get a room for the weekend. But, you have to pay upfront for the first night, and I's po'. I still don't have music for the cermony. I only just got flowers, and I still need to tell the freaking baker what kind of freaking cake I want. Not only that, but I have the rehearsal dinner to plan. So not just one event, but TWO. That's right. Who's idea was it for the bride to have to do all this shit? I have a size 8 steel-toed combat boot ready for 'em. My next wedding will be in Vegas, baby. Elvis, rhinestones, the whole $50 she-bang.

I'm signing off. To go either be sick, or plan a wedding.


  • At 10:23 PM PDT, Blogger Eva said…

    Buttercream (for the cake frosting, and perhaps the filling). You can't go wrong!


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