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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Clan MacWho?

This past week was one of discovery.

I discovered that I can knit a glove. Now we just have to see if I can knit the second one...more on this later.

I discovered that I love and hate J.K. Rowling with equal intensity. Just finished year 6 last night. Was an emotional wreck. LOVED every single page, plot twist, and alohamora. HATE having to wait for the next one. This cannot end with year 7. They need to make this into a soap opera, so I can follow Harry for the next 20 years. (BTW, in a very few years, Daniel Radcliffe will be a HEARTBREAKER!!)

I discovered that I prefer 115 in AZ to 110 in VA. Humidity straight sucks. You might think you're leaving your house to go to the movies, but you are really stepping into a steamy vortex that sucks the life out of your hair and sends your make-up heading for your toes. Screw capris, I want to wear a towel and wet my hair. Why don't I wear shorts, you ask? Trust me, the world does NOT need to see that. Trinny and Susannah would have my head for wearing shorts. So all of you living it up in the dry heat that is AZ, quitcherwhinin.

Lastly, I discovered that I am Scottish. Funny, I've never spoken with a brogue or worn tartan or eaten haggis. Seems, I'm Scots on both sides now. My side: Clan Eliott. His side: House of Gordon. Right now, we haven't "joined" either side, and we're quite torn on the matter. See, Eliott is an actualy Clan, which is obviously better than a house. At least, that's what I've been feeding the Lt. On the other hand, the Gordon tartan is infinitely less ugly than the Eliott. Hmmm...decisions.


  • At 10:26 AM PDT, Blogger Heather said…

    You know what, all heat feaking sucks. I'm so over summer, I can't even tell you.

    Totally loved HP and still get choked up about the end. JK is just mean to make us wait 2 years until the end. Maybe subsequent books will be about Harry and Ginny's kids>


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