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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stuff still to do

I've been got. I've been got by the faboo stickstress Heather, who was got by the also faboo hookstress Pam, who was got by...you get the picture.

Ten Things I've Never Done, but intend to do: (almost all of them the clean ones!)

1. I have never been abroad. The 18 months I spent intoxicated on the beach in Guantanamo Bay don't really count. It was like a camouflage Mayberry, with no escape but the rum.

2. I have never kept bees. Bees are freaking brilliant!! They not only make honey, and beeswax, but they dance! Whoever can't love a dancing bug has some issues. (Allergics exempt...)

3. I have never had a baby. I am so excited about having a baby. No, not pregnant, not even trying, but the entire process fascinates me. Plus, babies quite simply ROCK!

4. I have never had jewelry commissioned. Someday after we win the lotto, I'll have the difficult decision: Harry Winston or Fred Leighton? Why, I don't know, because I can barely remember to wear the $5 pair of earrings I got at Target! I guess it just seems like the pinnacle of rich to me.

5. I have never lived with my husband. This kind of scares me, but then again, I can only drive each other so far away when we'll be living on a tiny island off Japan.

6. I have never learned French, quel domage.

7. I have never bought a house. This one is really starting to get to me, what with shacking up in my best friend's spare bedroom. Mowing a lawn is starting to sound enviable!

8. I have never had a garden. I just think it would be really cool to go outside pick the tomatoes for the salad. I would love to be able to say "what on earth am I going to do with all this flippin' zucchini?"

9. I have never had my own dog. This is also very sad, because right after sweet-smelling cooing chubby babies on "my things I love" list are dogs. Who else is so excited to see you that they pee on the floor, when you only were out to the mailbox. The peeing isn't the cute part, it's the sentiment involved, you see.

10. I have never seen a whale in the wild. Whales are also very high on the cool scale. The faves: the orca for her multi-faceted nature, and the humpback for her beautiful singing.


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