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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Off our "break!"

Hello! I first must thank you for sticking with me these last coupla posts when I've been such a Moping Myrtle. So, thanks!

Today was a good day. I managed to get in some knitting time this morning, and even some at work! I was working on the evil Sartene tank top! I also made some admirable progress on it Tues. evening at the SnB get-together. So, I figure we're officially off our break, and I should be finishing the front very soon. The next row begins not only the armhome shaping, but the v-neck shaping, so I'll have something to think about.

Now that the end is in sight, I'm all excited again, and loving the knitting process! I'm even thinking of other things I can knit for ME! This will be the first thing I've ever actually finished for myself. The other projects were lessons in how much I dislike knitting scarves (too boring), how wrong super chunky knits are for me (too curvy), and the best lesson of all: the importance of gauge and it's uncanny ability to bring you to tears when you realize the sweater (of which you just finished the entire front) is perfectly sized for a 12-year old.

The baby bolero is all blocked and ready for piecing and finishing. I plan to wait to do that after I get to Virginia, plus we've got a good bit of road-trip when we drive from VA to New Orleans. (SO EXCITED!!!!)

In other knitters news, Jude is working up a fab and simple tank in some shimmery Berroco rayon, Mary's knits are as amazing as ever - and no pattern!, Heather and Alison have finished their beautiful Clapotis (tres jolies, non?), and Illana is making us all lime green with envy over her Big Apple Knits. I am dying for a trip to NYC just to ride the "yarn bus." Freaking genius, I tell you.

I'm so inspired by everyone's Clapotis, that I'm thinking of making a petit Clapotis with the two skeins of KPPPM I've got. They are mine forever now, since they've been wound into balls. I must face reality, and the fact of the matter is that when I think of knitting socks, it fills me with dread and a cold sinking pit in my stomach. Thus, I cannot ever say that my wonderful man will have hand-knit socks from me. It's the needles. I hate working on teeny dpns for all that way. Caveat: Kiki and fam have these faboo short-short-short flexible dpns that just might intice me - someday. No promises...


  • At 4:38 PM PDT, Blogger illanna said…

    Is this Ashley? I found you through my site meter! I didn't know you had a blog!!! Yes, New York is fun, but I am jealous of you hanging out with the knit-divas at Cupz, believe it or not. Can't wait to keep reading!


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