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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Dying to go digital

I am so dying for a digital camera right about....NOW.

You'll be so proud of me, I finished the front of the Sartene tank, and am sewing it together, then I just have to knit on the neck and arm trims, and I'll be styling, "bay-bee."

I also have begun putting the pieces together for the baby bolero, and it is so flippin' cute, I squeal every time I hold it up to check the seam construction. You all know the squeal, it's the same one every female on earth utters when entering a baby-clothing store. Don't act like you don't, I've heard you.

I'm very motivated to finish the bolero because I really want to cast on for the next project and I'm using the needles on the bolero that I'll use on New Project. Why not buy new needles, you say? Well, these are addi's, dahling, and they are tres fabeux (French for faboo, oui?), and I cannot be buying addi's all the time. Jude would counsel me to just snag some "ghetto needles," but I really need to purge those. The goal from now on is to only invest in faboo needles.

What is the next project you say? I've decided to take the yumm-tastic KPPPM and turn it into a so-soft scarf for me vice so-soft socks for my fiance. Not only is he too hot-blooded for wool socks (lucky girl, me ;) but I really hate knitting socks. I usually really hate knitting scarves, but I'm gonna give the Clapotis pattern a shot. It'll be my very own mini-Clap. If it turns out that I hate the Clapotis pattern, I'll do a simple leaf/lace thing. The KPPPM is in color P-319, very "autumn leaves on the forest floor." BTW, if you follow that link, be advised that 319 looks a lot more like 613 in reality, the purple in it is really quite subtle.

Keep your fingers crossed that I don't completely booger the neck and arm-hole trims on the tank......maybe I'll even get to wear it this Tuesday to SnB at Cupz!!


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