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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Dye-lot 124, I hate you.

Here's the story: I had been working on a mini-Clapotis, really more of a Clapo-scarf, and I had been using the KPPPM that I had bought for some socks. I hate knitting socks, so it became a scarf. Well, it would have been a short scarf and I wanted a long one, so I bought another skein of KPPPM.

I knew I'd have dye-lot issues, so I decided to sandwich it in the middle, so the ends would match perfectly. Little did I know that when Koigu says "dye lot" they really mean "completely different shade that will resemble the other dye lots only in shade number."

The first two skeins are gorgeous, beautiful, woodsy examples of yarn art. The odd-ball (literally) is eeeeehh, nice. The first 2 have shades of tan, chocolate, rusty burnt orange, saffron, lavender, eggplant, and no less than 4 shades of hunter green. The odd-ball languishes in it's beige, olive drab, beige, almost-lavender, and still more beige crappiness. It's the dull, safe female mallard to the two brilliantly colored males. It's boring, it sticks out like a sore thumb, and I hate it. I don't know about you, but I do not buy KPPPM for freaking beige, the ultimate non-color.

The only excuse for beige yarn is that fisherman's sweaters look fab in it because it is by nature so boring that anything you do to it, i.e. cables and textured stiches, will stick out like Lenny Kravitz at church. I vow here and now to never knit anything without cables in beige.

On a nicer note, I am so loving the Clapotis pattern that I have knit quite nearly the entire ball of yarn that I hate so fervently in only 3 days. It is dangerously addictive and heart wrenchingly perfect. It is the pattern to end all patterns. You can make anything from the Clapotis pattern, wraps, scarves, afghans. I daresay I may modify it and knit a three-room tent canopy for my next outdoor dinner party. Patterns this fun to knit are what cause people to make multiples. Heather, I'm right there with you, girl.


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