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Monday, August 01, 2005

Glove and a Quarter

So I knit one glove, and I'm halfway through the thumb gusset on the second, and life is beautiful. I love it. Love the yarn, love the colors, even love the pattern. While it's got some mistakes (math ones, so I relate), it's easily adaptable, even for a first timer. Now I just have to remember what I did on the first one, so I can do it to the second....

That's right, the yarn came from Knit Happens. It's a great shop, in a beautiful area of town. Old town Alexandria is gorgeous. They have TONS of Debbie Bliss, Rowan, and Collinette hung in great big gorgeous loops. Everyone there is really helpful, they let you browse and fondle as long as you like, and then really help when you need it. They even went online to knitty to help me find a suitable yarn for that pattern!

I'm using Karabella Aurora 8, in Charcoal and Rust. These are for my awesome dad, to wear while riding his Harley, and these are the perfect Harley colors. This yarn is sinfully soft, it feels almost like a little string of microfleece, YUM! It's a little splitty, which at first I hated, but now that the glove is done, I realize the splittiness actually causes the yarn to spread out, and creates a soft dense fabric.

Well, here it is:

And here's one of Mac Himself with the glove:


  • At 10:36 AM PDT, Blogger Heather said…

    I LOVE Knit Happens! I helped test their online store and I would just love to go there someday. I'm so jealous. The glove looks great!


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