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Saturday, June 17, 2006

One Word

Got this meme from Chicknits. Sounds fun and enlightening (let's hope in a good way...).

MEME Time...

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Monday, June 12, 2006

OHW, my stomach hurts


Sometimes there's stuff on-line that makes you ooh and ahh. Sometimes you cringe. Sometimes you want to claw your eyes out. And then, sometimes there are things that make you laugh until your belly aches and you have tears in your eyes and your dog is looking at you like you're at the edge. (Which, you probably are.)

Here's two of those things.
Un-dead Felted Slipper
Unlaced lace

I am absolutely in love with Knitabulous for posting these bits of wonderful, cause I do dumb shit like this all the time and hide it. She's out there in the wind and it's awesome. She is my new favorite knitter.

Or maybe I'm just a little intellectually fragile right now.

Proof of Life

I swear I knit! There's proof in this post.

I think I've found the root of the knitting slump. Community. Here in Japan, I feel like the only knitter around. I'm sure it's just not the truth, but it sure feels that way. Think how it might effect your stitching if you were the only one...

For my first 4 years as a knitter, I had no idea that there was a knitting community. Yeah, I bought the magazines, but for some reason I never googled "knitting." I thought yarn stores were places where old ladies went to spend a lot of money and ignore me. I never felt the urge to sit down and whip out my needles and talk about the pros and cons of M1 or debate cable vs long tail cast on.

Then, I got out of the Marine Corps, and re-discovered personal web-surfing. Mind you, up until now, I didn't have a computer in my house, and all my online time was the USMC's. (Not that I didn't shop on their time ;)!) I found Knitty, Skinny Rabbit and La Bonne Tricoteuse. I learned about yarn substitution, and the import of gauge. Somehow, I found out about knitters going to a little coffee shop every Tuesday night, knitting, and inviting others. So, I mustered up my courage, put aside the "oh-gawd-what-if-they-laugh-at-my-knitting" thoughts and went.

I am so glad I did! Suddenly, I felt like I fit somewhere. I didn't have to feel awkward and self-consious about someone watching the crazy girl in the corner knit, I'd found a whole group of other crazy girls, and we were out of the corner! I could ooh and ahh over yarns and books and patterns and FO's and see people I knew at the LYS and it was wonderful. I got encouraged to use colors I was afraid of, and ended up LOVING the result (thanks, Illana!). I learned how to not inextricably tangle my yarn on the swift (thanks, Kiki!). I finally finished something for myself! I had impetus to make progress, I was excited about it. I have never knit faster in my life.

Then I moved away, twice. I was the new girl again, twice, and that's a role I'm not very good at. I'm not too extroverted, and once I open up I'm often brash and opinionated, and just not quite as Paula-Deen-Lovable that I'd like to be. I was sure there'd be knitters around me here in Japan, but it's just not the case. Shoot, I can't even find a friggin' yarn shop!! I've knit tons of places, and even taught a couple of people (thanks Kristy, Cassie, and Megan!) but they just don't have the yarn-fever. Current hobbies and 15-month old babies and school work and life just don't always breed the wool-crazies.

So, I slog on alone. How sad, right? Whatever. I just need to get off my butt-tooty and go post some fliers around, letting people know: I knit and you should knit with me, preferably over coffee and pound cake every Wednesday morning at 10:00, Starbucks @ American Village. Keep your fingers crossed that I'll do this, and get some knit-friends, and get out of this rut!!!!

Here's the proof that some small amount of knitting does take place:

The beginning of the Absorba bathmat from Mason-Dixon, in 2 strands of sport-weight Japanese denim. I'm thinking of frogging and doubling up to 4 strands, cause I want it to be super squishy and it's feeling a little anorexic. Can't be havin' a wussy bathmat. Am I the only one who's garter stitch is wonky?

Here's my Orangina. I'm working this up as part of "No Gift Knitting in 2006" and the Sexy Knitter's Club Orangina-a-long. You see here 7 inches of Glampyre's lace pattern in Rowan 4-ply teeny tiny no stretch cotton, color: Aegean. I love it so far, I just wish it were done. It's steamy hot here, and I could really use a new top. I'll be mimicking CMe's mod's and doing just enough lace to cover the girls, and then finishing the rest with ribbing. That should be fun.