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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Stash Enhancement, Baybees!

Lovely Ladies,

We have some ROCKIN' SEX (Stash Enhancement Experience) goin' on here in rainy VA. Not just that, but I have some WIP's to enhance your yarn/knitting porn surfing experience. It's all about you. And by "all about you," I mean "all about yarn and how I can get my hands on more."

For a nice build up, here are the WIP's.
Our first item at hand (this pun may or may not be intended, your choice) is the remaining glove. Just to prove that the second-glove-syndrome has NOT reached epidemic proportion, there was much progress today. Not only do we have thumb stitches being held, but we are THIS close to putting the pinky stitches on hold. Truly thrilling.

Next, a Christmas present. I know, what self respecting knitter starts holiday gifts before November? This one!! Even sadder, it actually started in March. But, it was not destined for that particular project, and has recently transformed into a fab Magknits scarf. This pattern is nearly as much fun to knit as Clapotis. It's a beautiful thing when you realize (after only 4 years as a knitter...) that scarves don't have to be coma-inducing endeavors into garter stitch. The yarn in Plymouth Encore worsted in colorway Oceans. It's really pretty, and I'm working it on US10s, so it's kind of loose, and pretty soft. I've got a total of 800 yards, so there may be a hat and mittens, too. We'll see how much energy I have.

New Yarn: I got this new yarn at The Yarn Lounge. What an awesome shop! I got to meet Stewart herself, and her shy pooch Homer. They only have 2 100% synthetic yarns, she's all about the natural stuff. Tons of Rowan and Debbie Bliss, lots of yummy alpaca and alpaca blends, and some really great artisan wools, the kind of artsy yarns you see knit into funky little skinny scarves bought for several hundred dollars and flung stylishly around the necks of Jennifer and Cameron.

Here's Homer:

The moment you've all been waiting for: THE YARN.
Feast your eyes on 1800 yards of Harrisville Designs tweedy goodness, 1600 in "garnet" and 200 in "tundra." These two colors are awesome together! I'll use the "tundra" as the cast-on and cast-off yarn, for just a little bit of POP. It's a beautiful acid green color, and I love the contrast.

It's definitely cardigan yarn, being scratchy, I mean, tweedy. So, I'll be creating this:

This little beauty is from the new VK. I almost feel silly picking the plainest knit out of the entire mag, but hey, I'm somewhat practical. For cutting edge stitching, please visit Illana and Hila, the fab trendsetters.

Not gonna lie, I almost needed a cigarette after buying this yarn. I did the "I got new yarn" dance and sang the accompaniment at least twice in the car on the way home. Rhonda thinks I'm insane. I know I am.


  • At 12:05 AM PDT, Anonymous Eva said…

    We'll have to swap "New Yarn Dance" steps. I know I have a few... ;) Your WIPs are GREAT, and I love your new project. Hey, it's not plain, it's CLASSIC.

  • At 11:14 AM PDT, Blogger Heather said…

    Do you have any idea how many Google hits you are going to get off Rockin' SEX? LMAO

  • At 8:00 PM PDT, Blogger photogmichelle said…

    I love the yarn porn. I need to finish some projects, yours are coming along so well.


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