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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Row Gauge and Astro-Turf

It seems the "Twist" is not the cardigan the deep-berry wool is destined to become. F-ing row gauge. F-ing 1600 yards. F.

I can get exactly 19 stitches per 4 inches, but get a whopping 28 rows per 4 inches when I need only 24. W.T.F. So, it's back to Enis by Girl From Auntie. As I chose PayPal E-Check, I won't get the pattern until tomorrow, even tho I ordered it 2 days ago. Exasperated sigh.

But, in further Twist news, as I am BOUND and DETERMINED to have one before next summer (Hi, I'm QT, and I'm a realist.), I think I may have discovered the yarn for it. Fingers are crossed. It's beautiful and hand-painted and best of all: glittery. Of course, I can't find it online, but trust me, it ROCKS.

I also learned an important lesson today re: keeping yourself photographically armed at all times, because words do not begin to do this event justice. I was leaving the library today, and found myself confronted with an amazing sight. You'll never guess, so here it is: a toyota tercel covered in royal blue astroturf. With a "Big Pimpin'" bumper sticker.


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