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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Vogue Knits, where did I go wrong?

Another post without pics. Read further at your own risk.

So, there I was, knitting happily away on my VK cardi in yummy yet scratchy aubergine tweed, and then there I was again, and again.... Does this sleeve have no end point? So I yank out the measuring tape and the pattern to find the problem. No, the problem was not that I was knitting without the pattern. I was on the decrease rows of a raglan sleeve, and all was as planned. Sheesh.

Sure enough, this sleeve is massive. I mean, truly ginormous. Like I still have several inches to knit, and the thing will already warm my knuckles. Then, there's the collar still. I think they had this thing in mind for the Grape Ape. After much measuring of various bits of stitches, my gauge is right on (swatching really does pay off) and the measurements are exactly what the little schematic of the bits and peices says they should be.

Gauge Confession: ok, so I'm actually half a stitch per inch SMALLER than the pattern is, but this does not explain the massive sleeve. If anything, it should be smaller than the schematic. I digress.

Well, ladies, it turns out that there is more to sweater fit than bust measurements. The size that will button over "the girls" is WAY too big over the rest of me. The size that won't button over said girls will bit everything else pretty well.

So, I have a dilema. Do I knit the smaller size, knowing that I never button cardigans anyway, so who cares if it fits buttoned. But - will it look too small even unbuttoned? Do I modify the pattern, which I really hate doing, especially with a raglan design.... Or, do I find a new pattern? I'm thinking of a Ribby Cardi.

This so totally bums me out. I was so looking forward to be-bopping around an office somewhere looking all Samantha-the-Witch meets Career-Clothes Barbie.

In other knit news, the Technicolor Dream Sweater is slowly chugging along, and the Mentor-Scarf if nearing completion.


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