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My adventures - in knitting, marriage, and moving across hemispheres.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wow. So I look pregnant.

OK. Another mostly non-yarn-related post. This one about men and how they should be barred from speech.

So, my best friend's parents just came over, and The Dad is talking to me, and he points at my belly (in his defense, I was sitting) and says, "So, you're pregnant!?"

Um. No.

Haven't all men been schooled to NEVER mention possible pregnancies until either the possibly-preggo woman brings it up, or they've been given the go ahead by their wives? This should be put in the public school ciriculum (along with how to spell ciriculum) mosh-kosh. It should be on the list of things all men should know before being let loose on society. Ladies, do your man a favor, and give him a quick class on what never to say to a woman.

Like the graceful creature that I am, I played it off, citing my "curve acquisition" of the past 5 years. Let me tell you now that I haven't gained an ounce, I've just gotten curvier. In fact, I'm afraid to lose weight, because I think there may be some early wrinkles that are being smoothed out by my "soft femininity." I'm built for comfort, ladies, not speed.

Venting over. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ah, the knitting

Alright. Onto the knitting portion of my blog-absence.

The Sartene tank has been worn and worn. She looked lovely at the hair salon, getting trimmed and styled. She looked radiant at the Court of Two Sisters in the french quarter attending my bridal shower/jazz brunch. She is not looking so fresh right now. I got over my fear of wearing it, now I need to get over my fear of washing it. Pray for strength...

The KPPPM which was never to be socks, is now a mini-clapotis. For those of you familiar with the pattern, it's only two increase repeats at the beginning, and is about 6 inches wide. The Koigu looks amazing, so many colors blending beautifully. Contrary to my belief, the purple really is prominent.

Sidebar: right now it's pouring down rain here. Imagine a (gentle) giant like Big Mac being afraid of the thunder. It's so funny seeing this huge German Shepherd following you around because he won't be by himself. Seriously folks, fear of dogs? Makes NO sense to me.

Also got some YUMM-TASTIC wool in NOLA for a felted purse. It's chunky, and so soft! I must say it rivals Melanie's Blue Sky Alpaca bear yarn in softness. Affordable? A total meal deal. Plus it's this great variegated berry color. Would it be wrong to felt such a yummy yarn? The more I think about it, the more I feel the mini-clap just won't be happy as an only scarf, she needs a sister. Tomorrow, the yumm-tastic wool and I shall meet to discern it's destiny. There may be a crystal ball and some old chicken bones involved.

I'll leave you with a Public Service Announcement.

A knitter's nightmare played itself out yesterday right here in Small Town, America, people. The kind of thing you warn your kids about, the reason you pay taxes and have a neighborhood watch. I left the house, just like every day, fastened my seatbelt and adjusted my rearview mirror. I'm not reckless or unprepared. I'm ready for any situation. I keep aspirin and two shades of lipgloss in my purse and ketchup packets in the glovebox. I've seen "Charlie's Angels" twice, I've got some moves. Went exploring down town Fredericksburg, keeping an eye out for the LYS. (THE LYS, there's only one, a small tragedy in itself. I digress.) What I wasn't prepared for, after half an hour of searching for this place, was to find it...pause for dramatic effect...CLOSED. That's right, CLOSED. And not just on Tuesdays, but for VACATION. I was too distraught to get out of the car to see how long. Can you imagine, people? An innocent trip to check out the local yarn stash, see about maybe some Dale of Norway patterns for a preggo friend' papoose, maybe some fondling, some light petting, who knows where it could go. Only to be slapped in the face with a cold, heartless closed sign? I'll be on the shrink's couch with this one.

With indignant sneer: To all you yarn store owners out there, what's up with the vacations? The rest of us don't take them, why are you? What are you? French*? The very least you could do is list an emergency contact, or an alternate yarn haven, even directions to the nearest JoAnn. SOMETHING. But, no. I believe I speak for everyone when I say: This is not cool.

*Caveat: all politics and Dixie Chicks aside, I love France. The language, the wine, the cheese, the Chocolate, the lavender. Vive la France! Someday, when I win the lotto, my bees and I will live in Provence and gorge on all of the above. We may invite the Lt to join us, as he does confess a love for the Pinot Noir. We'll see.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Holy Moly, she's back!

Well, I'm back. All married up and a world weary car-traveler. The wedding was just beautiful, and I think everyone had a good time at both reception and rehearsal dinner. I know I did! We decided to make a weekend of it, how can you not in New Orleans? Such a beautiful city and tons of fun stuff to do. Before antique/trinket shopping, met up with my maid- and mom-of-honor (my maid of honor's mom has been keeping me in line for years...she rocks!) at Cafe du Monde for beignets and the best cafe au lait EVER. We spent some time getting creeped out on a Haunted History tour, ooooooooo spooky. We had our rehearsal dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. The wedding ceremony was in Jackson Square, and the reception in the St. Louis hotel courtyard. The next day we spent some quality family time at the Aquarium of the Americas, touching creepy crawlies and trying not to lose anyone's children.

I guess I better get used to car travel, having married into a family that is firmly opposed to air travel. Me, I just don't get it. Spending days at a time taking turns driving is just not my idea of fun. So, I told the Lt that when we have kids and can't afford to fly places, that HE can drive the kids, I'll meet them at the airport.

Right now I'm in lovely Fredericksburg VA, staying with a great friend. I've decided that since I'm done traveling the world on the USMC's dime, I'll just go from place to place shacking up with my girlfriends. We'll see. I just may wear out my welcome. SO ready to get to Japan, get a house, get my stuff. You never know how much you miss chopping veggies with your favorite knife until it's been in storage for 7 months.

I'm also adjusting to life with only one dog. Had been spoiled with 2 to love in AZ, so it's a little quieter with just one. Well, I guess quieter is not the right word. My friend has 105 pounds of black German Shepherd. He is stunning. But his bark is like the roar of a diesel engine. He is a huge toasted marshmallow. Tons and tons of thick shiny black fur, and the cutest bat-ears. He's so expressive, and is a total ham. He knows exactly what the camera is, and loves to cheese for a shot. As soon as I'm spun up on posting digi-pics (thousands of thanks to Sarah and Illana!) you'll see him.

Got all caught up on everyone's blogs, and you are all out there finishing these amazing projects! Good grief, Kiki even knit herself a dress! It's beautiful, btw. There are tank tops for the booby, bags for the carrying, scarves for charity! Some of you are even buying furniture and re-decorating new houses. So jealous!

I'll post later about the knitting.....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Memphis style

I'm finally posting again, after a long time. I'm in Memphis today, y'all, and it's a beautiful day at Graceland. We drove past it, and it's looking good. Going to the Rendezvous tonight for some RIBS!! I love barbeque, any style, especially Memphis style. The Rendezvous specializes in dry ribs, which means with all the seasonings rubbed on while slow cooking, you can wet (sauce) them later if you want.

My beloved Lieutenant graduated from The Basic School on Thursday and was looking super hot in his blues, if I do say so. Regardless of your feelings on the DoD and the warfighting machine that is the USMC, we look hot in our blues! He was faboo and got me a digital camera (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), so I'll put a photo of him up as soon as I learn how. He's now officially a warfighting, strategizing, tactics genius. I'm so proud of him! He was an awesome enlisted Marine, and will make an even better officer. He's a go-getter, and loves leading Marines. Smarts, ambition, and looks, what a lucky girl.

Fine, I'll talk about knitting. The Sartene tank is done, and had it's debut out for dinner at Carraba's Italian. I really love it! I can't tell you what a relief that is, I was deathly afraid that after all that money, work, and time, that it would look awful/not fit/be ugly/etc. But, it's very cute, and very comfortable. I'll post notes when I can put up a photo.

I also worked up and felted the handle and a pocket for the felted bag I "created." Also made a little i.d. or lipstick pocket with a fold-over flap. I think the recipient will enjoy it. Felted these pieces in a different machine, and it only took one cycle, whodathunk? Guess the machine makes as much difference as the wool used?

The baby bolero is in it's final stage, all ends have been woven in, and all seams have been sewn. Now all I have to do is pick up hundreds of tiny stitches and knit on the ribbed edging. Pray for me as I begin this harrowing endeavor.

Well fellow yarn goddesses, I leave you now as I hear the siren song of ribs and slaw...may the force be with you. A