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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mostly Ranting and Psychobabble

Non rant:
So, it's taco night at the Lt house, and it never once occured to me to get beans when I made the grocery stop for the supplies. Isn't it funny how you get so set in your ways, i.e. the way you've had taco night your whole life (beanless), and then you get married and suddenly you need beans. Not normal posting material, but I'm sure all you marrieds/attacheds can relate.

Spent another weekend day at the blasted mall. Beginning to hate that place. The afterglow of the new jeans was stripped most unceremoniously from me today. Still loving the jeans, just hating the mall. Transferring the mall-hate to the curves. ....Internal dialogue: that's negative, don't go there.... There's one for the shrink.

Desperately needing tops. Sounds simple, right? Run by the mall, find some cute shirts, wear, and look impossibly chic and pulled together. Reality: spend 3 hours at the mall, find a bunch of see-through tweeny tops with spaghetti straps and sequins around the HIPS. Whose door step do I put the flaming bag of dog poo on for THAT idea?

Is it just me, or do you walk into a store and screech "WTF?" when confronted with a sheer fall line? Who wears see-thru in Nov, in VIRGINIA? What's with the spaghetti straps? Why is everything so horribly fucked up? Why is it that the largest tops at a regular store are too small, and the smallest tops at Lane Bryant are too big? Why do clothing manufacturers take a size 2 blouse and simply expand it for a size 12? Does it occur only to me that more than just the width changes? Is it just me, or are stylish clothes seemingly marketed to a peri-pubescent size 00, 4 foot 10 imp? What is the 20-something girl to do? I feel like I either try to impersonate Hilary and Linday (I shudder at the thought) or style myself after Oprah and Martha. It's as if they forgot that there's literally decades of women to dress that are between 19 and 50.

So, I hit Borders on the way out. Biblio-therapy, delicious. I pick up the new Vogue knits, holiday ed., did nothing for me but irritate me further. Then I was drawn to the new Elle, with Jennifer Aniston, who I LOVE. Bonus: they tout "Curvy Chic - the best looks for your figure," which turns out to be a 5 page photo spread of some 15 year old waify bitch in wasp-waist dresses and obis. Oooh, right, I just need to dress like Donna Reed goes to Manhattan, it's all so clear now. Not even for Jennifer would I buy that, in fact, I'm thinking of writing them a scathing letter on how much they suck. BTW, I'm supremely pissed at "fashion."

Then, I consoled myself with a decaf mocha, only to dribble the damn thing all over my jeans.


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  • At 5:58 AM PDT, Blogger Sarah said…

    Try........J. Jill. I have many of the same clothes issues you have and found some cute button up, long sleeved shirts that fit the "girls" and have seaming that nips the shirt in to show my waist!!!

    I have the same problem at LB. Too small for their smallest size but too big for the XL tops at the other stores.


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